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Does For Sale

We need to reduce our herd, so we're offering some of our favorite does for sale. If you see someone else on our web site you would be interested in, contact us and we will discuss whether we're willing to sell.            

CH Whispering Tales Strawberry  DOB: 4/30/2009

Strawberry has a lot going for her, including her genetics. She would be considered a 'power goat.' She's a long level doe with a great  udder. She earned permanent champion status in 2012.
Sire: Tyny Little Man
Sire's sire: Green G
        Sire's dam: Tyny Little Bitty
Dam: Lil' Brown Jug Margarita
Dam's Sire: Little Tot's Estate Alexander
Dam's Dam: Good Measure Farm Abigail
Show Record: Junior Reserve Grand Champion, 2010. Two Grand Champion wins at the 2011 Heartland Caprine show and Reserve Grand Champion at SD Dairy Goat Show, June 2011. Grand Champion, SD Goat Show, June 2012. Two Reserve Grand Champion wins at Land of Oz Goat Show, June 2012. Two Best In Breed, 2013.

Whispering Tales First Noel DOB: 12/24/2013 (triplets)


Noel is a pretty goat. She freshened in 2015 with triplets. She had a nice udder and easy to milk. Her udder should get better and better with every freshening. We didn't breed her for 2016 kids. She's a sweet doe and would do well in any herd. Her mother was one leg short of her permanent champion status when we retired her.

Sire: Whispering Tales Clousseau
Sire's sire: Whispering Tales Estrada
Sire's dam: Whispering Tales Strawberry

 Dam: Lil' Brown Jug Amber Bock
Dam's sire: Little Brown Jug Coors
Dam's dam: Buffalo Clover Hillary

Whispering Tales Nutmeg DOB: 4/13/2014 (twins)


Nutmeg is a very dairy doe. The photo on the right is her mother's second freshening udder. She didn't settle for 2016 babies (the buck didn't settle either of his two does) but she gets on the milk stand to get fed every morning and evening. She's a happy doe that comes from one of our best show and milking lines. She's been exposed to Whispering Tales Clousseau for April 1, 2017 kids.

    Sire: Crane View Barnabas
     Sire's sire: Dragonfly B Electra's Ironman
        Sire's dam: CH MI Sugarcreek ST Wilma

     Dam: Whispering Tales Ginger Snap
Dam's sire: Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn
        Dam's dam: Whispering Tales Olivia

Whispering Tales Mango Mama  DOB: 4-9-2013 (trips)


Mango Mama takes after her dam, Whispering Tales Strawberry, and her grand dam, Lil' Brown Jug Margarita, being a correct and big, sturdy doe. I have high hopes for Mango as she develops an udder with each freshening. I'd prefer NOT to sell her but we need to reduce our herd size and feel she will make someone a very nice doe. I'm embarrassed, but this is Mango's udder as I'm drying her off.
   Sire: Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn
            Grand Sire: Promisedland Tur-Beau
            Grand Dam: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn

    Dam: Whispering Tales Strawberry
            Grand Sire: Tyny Little Man
Grand Dam: Lil Brown Jug Margarita
Show record: Junior Grand Champion, 2014; Two Reserve Grands, 2016 in Huron, SD.




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