Whispering Tales Farm

Raising Nigerian Dwarf milk goats in Nebraska

2012 Doelings

Buttin' Heads Suzi Q  DOB: 2-23-11 (Twins)

     CH Buttin' Heads Sondia x Wood Bridge Farm Abe Zacuto

Suzi is nicely proportioned and very friendly.
Whispering Tales Venus  DOB: 3-21-11 (Triplets) 
CH Wood Bridge Farm Viancee x TX Twin Creeks Visa Gold 

Venus was less than 2 lbs. when she was born (average is 3-4lbs for Nigerians). She is still small but can keep up with anybody. Her sire is known to put good udders on his doe offspring, so we hope this will be the case with Venus. 

Whispering Tales Mae West
 DOB: 4-17-11 (Quads)
Wood Bridge Farm Delphinium x Whispering Tales Estrada 

Mae West is a real charmer. As soon as she was born and I saw all that 'mascara' arond her eyes and 'garters' holding up her stockings, I for some reason thought 'Mae West.' She gets prettier as she grows and has nice proportion and very dairy characteristics.

Whispering Tales Blossom
  DOB: 5-21-11 (Twins)

Promessa's Rebekah x Old Mountain Farm Saranghae

Blossom is a sweet, shy doeling. I think she has lots of potential in the milk pail and in the show ring.

Whispering Tales Kera Quinn
  DOB: 5-18-11 (Twins)
Whispering Tales Olivia x Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn
                                                                            Kera is a beautiful doeling - even if her fall coat in this pic doesn't show the best of her. She did well in the show ring and received several compliments. She's not as long as her sister Keitlan but she has a higher escucheon (backside) and wider-set back legs.

Whispering Tales Keitlan Quinn
  DOB: 5-18-11 (Twins)Whispering Tales Olivia x Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn                                                                            Keitlan took the eye of a judge at the Sioux Empire show and named her Best In Show for juniors (which means she placed above all the other breeds of junior goats at the show). She is gorgeous. I couldn't decide whether to keep her or her sister Kera - but I was so impressed with both of them as they grew I just couldn't decide, and now we're keeping both of them.

Whispering Tales Mischief  DOB: 5-30-11 (Triplets)

Wood Bridge Farm Too Pirouette (a.k.a. Trouble) x Doe-Sy-Doe Shadrach

Mischief was the first born of triplets. She was so very small when she was born it was hard to believe she was going to make it. Because she was tiny, she could get into and out of every fence and space - so we named her Mischief, a little bit of Trouble (her mother's nickname for the same reason). She's growing but still small and still living up to her name - which endears her to us all the more.

Whispering Tales All That Jazz  DOB: 5-30-11 (Triplets)
Wood Bridge Farm Too Pirouette (a.k.a. Trouble) x Doe-Sy-Doe Shadrach

All that Jazz captures my heart every time I look at her face. She is a nice mix of her dam and sire and just about everything I had hoped for from that pairing. I waited an extra year to breed her dam so Jazz and her sister were long-awaited! I think she is going to do well next year in the show ring.

Whispering Tales Graysen  DOB: 5-31-11 (Quads)
Lil' Brown Jug Margarita x Old Mountain Farm Saranghae

Graysen is a pretty little doe. She got some of her sire's couclair color pattern - a grey area over the ear. I anticipate she will have a very nice udder like her dam and her sire's dam. (She's the one at the top in the photo on the right, sleeping with her brother and one of her sisters).

Whispering Tales Tap Dancer  DOB: 6-9-11 (Triplets)
Lil' Brown Jug Amber Bock x Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn

Tap Dancer got her name because everywhere she went, she danced. She's a very attentive doeling and getting longer in the body and looking nicely dairy. (She's the one on the right in the photo). 

Whispering Tales Guinness  DOB: 6-9-11 (Triplets)
Lil' Brown Jug Amber Bock x Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn

Guinness loves being with her two sisters. We'll wait to see how Guinness develops before saying much about her other than she's a cutie and never misses and opportunity to say hi up close and personal.
Whispering Tales Bitsy Boo  DOB: 6-9-11 (Triplets)
Lil' Brown Jug Amber Bock x Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn

Bitsy comes by her name honestly. (She's the one on the left in the pic on the right). She was another tiny kid and would escape into every nook and cranny - and is totally self absorbed. She's everyone's favorite when they visit - even if she goes straight for their shoe laces and unties them over and over again. I usually have to say several times to visitors, "She's not for sale. She's not for sale. She's not for sale." She has nice proportion and could be a show stopper down the line - probably by untying the judge's shoe strings.

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