Whispering Tales Farm

Raising Nigerian Dwarf milk goats in Nebraska

Junior Does

Junior does are does who have not yet freshened (kidded).  

Whispering Tales Sequin  DOB: 6-6-2016
                Sale Pending

I love the looks of this yearling. She is very long with nice dairy quality. I couldn't ask for a sweeter doe. She has great genetics behind her, so I think she will do very well.
    Sire: Serfling Farms SK Dr Pepper
Grand Sire: GCH TX Twincreeks Fax SummerKnight
         Grand Dam: CH Sugarcreek C Widget
     Dam: CH Whispering Tales Ginger Snap
         Grand Sire: CH Old Mountain Farm Keilan Quinn
         Grand Dam: Whispering Tales Olivia 

Whispering Tales Choco Bunny DOB 5/29/16
                            SALE PENDING

Choco Bunny is a nice little doe. She has very dairy skin and dairy quality.
   Sire: Whispering Tales Clousseau
Grand Sire: Whispering Tales Estrada
         Grand Dam: CH Whispering Tales Strawberry
     Dam: Whispering Tales Pauli Girl
         Grand Sire: Crane View Barnabas
         Grand Dam: CH Whispering Tales Guinness